oration which transforms complex Vedic principles into brilliant
management mantras is the hallmark of Smt. Row’s discourses. Her
expertise, wit and zeal have not only captivated audiences far and wide,
but also inspired people from all walks of life to commit themselves to
a higher ideal
the science of self management, provides rare insights into the human
mind. It helps an ordinary person transform into an extraordinary
leader. A leader inspires people with a higher goal, a common purpose.
S/he is able to build teams, identify the latent talent and help
individuals become star performers.
talk identifies leadership traits and shows ways to develop them. It is
only when the leader is inspired with a higher ideal that s/he can
inspire teams to perform. A leader needs to have a strong intellect and
not function on whims and fancies. Above all, a leader has to be
objective and not partisan, prejudiced or biased. S/he must have the
capacity to rise above personal considerations and act in the interests
of the organisation, nation, humanity and the world at large.
talk helps uncovers our intangible assets and awakens us to our
abundance. It enables us to transcend the limitations of our personality
and take off into realms of perfection. Be it in the field of sport,
music, business or art, the roadblocks are in the mind. The talk helps
overcome them and hones our talent to achieve excellence.

Address: Hindu Temple of Virginia, 6051 Springfield Road, Glen Allen, VA 23060

Start Date: 2017-05-09

Last Date: 2017-05-09

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